• $295.00

RT Pro RZR S 900 / S 1000 / General HD Tie Rods

Ever break a tie rod in the middle of nowhere? If you don't have this kit you will eventually... If you have then you already know about the problem these machines have. When you break a tie rod the factory makes you buy a whole new steering rack too. What most people don't know is the steering rack is not the weak link. The inner tie rod joint itself is what breaks, this part can be removed from the rack and the rack will still be perfectly functional. All you need to fix the problem once and for all is this tie rod replacement kit from RT Pro.

This kit replaces the weak inner pivot assembly with a custom Chromoly monoball and a custom made 300M heat treated stud held by a custom grade 12.9 cap screw in a high precision stainless steel cup. Unlike many conversions this kit will not affect the steering of your RZR at all. Using smart design, RT Pro guarantees minimal bump steer with this kit. The components of this kit can be used with any other long travel kit you may have as well. If ever need a custom length RT Pro will custom build tie rod tubes for your application. Kits come powder coated with all necessary installation hardware and instructions.

  • This kit WILL work with forward A-arms.
  • RT Pro offers these kits in all lengths and for all models.
  • This kit is for 2015+ RZR 900S, RZR 900 4 and 2016+ RZR 1000 S.
  • NOTE: This kit also fits the 2016-2017 Polaris General 1000 all models.
  • Install Instructions