• $19.00

Seatbelt Override

When installing harnesses in your Can Am or 2015 Polaris you will find that the computer system detects when you’re not wearing your seat belt and will interrupt the ignition to a maximum speed of 15 mph. For safety, this is a great idea when using stock seat belts, but not a good thing when you have installed aftermarket 4 or 5-point harnesses. This seat belt bypass for has been designed to close the open loop system when you install 4 or 5-point harnesses and allows you to use the full potential of your high output machine. Don’t go through the hassle of cutting wires, all you have to do is unplug the old and install the new.

  • Only one seatbelt bypass is required per vehicle.
  • No wiring or wire cutting required, simple plug & play installation.
  • Required for use of any 4-point or 5-point harnesses restraints.
  • Fits all Can Am and 2015+ Polaris RZR models.
  • Only 1 bypass is needed per vehicle.