• $495.00

RT Pro Commander XT Dual Rate Spring Kit

After years of testing, development and several years on the market, RT Pro has proven to have the best replacement spring options for todays UTV's. This option is for the Can Am Commander using OEM non-reservoir style shocks. This is a RT Pro D.I.S.S. Dual Rate Kit which gives a substantial improvement in ride quality while improving handling as well at G-out resistance. The front is a single rate spring because in extensive testing, we weren't able to find enough gains to add the cost of dual rates for this shock.

  • Fits - 2011 - Standard, XT, 800R, 2012 - Standard, XT 800R, 2013 - Standard, DPS, XT, 800R, Limited (Europe Only), Electric, 2014 - Standard, DPS, XT, 800R, Limited (Europe Only), Electric, 2015 - Standard, DPS, XT, 800R, Electric, 2016 - Standard, DPS, XT, 800R, Mossy Oak Edition, 2017 - Standard, DPS, XT, 800R, Mossy Oak Edition
  • Light - Works best for light machines with very light cargo and passenger weight.
  • Medium - Best overall kit. Works for 80% of all Customers. Works best with average cargo and passenger weight.
  • Heavy - Best option for very heavy machines with LOTS of cargo and passenger weight. Use for 4 seat conversions and heavy hunting/farming purposes. Rides stiff when unloaded.
  • This kit is 100% MADE IN THE U.S.A. and RT is VERY proud of this!
  • Kit includes (6) springs, (2) spring spacers and (4) adapter rings.
  • All springs come with silver powdercoat.
  • Install Instructions