• $195.00

RT Pro Ranger XP 700/800 2" Lift Kit

This kit operates on the same principal as our other designs in the way it lifts the machine. By modifying the upper shock mount geometry they are able to manipulate the shock geometry and get 2" of lift without increasing the maximum CV joint operating angle. This kit WILL NOT cause your CV joints to bind! The kit stand the shocks up straighter which also compensates for the raised center of gravity by manipulating the roll axis of the vehicle. This means even though the ride height is increased with this lift kit, the machines stability is not effected.

RT Pro has taken it's design a step beyond their competitors by designing an auxiliary gusseting brace for the rear lift brackets that has never been done before. This small piece not only gives the mounting bolts something to pinch down on but creates an incredibly strong "strap" system which keeps the lift bracket in it's original form when hauling heavy loads or really pounding on the suspension. In the testing phase they put this kit on a Ranger XP 700/800 with our RN3 Mid Travel Suspension Kit and found the added leverage of the arm kit was enough to easily bend the lift bracket alone. This additional component has COMPLETELY eliminated the deforming effect we encountered initially on the same machine and many others. RT Pro Guarantees this to be the best and strongest lift kit on the market for the Ranger XP.

  • Kits come in black powdercoat with all necessary hardware.
  • They are made to fit ALL Ranger XP 700/800 models from 2009 and up.
  • This includes all dual front A-arm models including the Crew models.
  • This kit WILL NOT fit 2008 and older models which use the McPherson (single arm) strut style front end and we do not plan to make a version for this model.
  • NOTE: This kit WILL NOT fit the Ranger XP 900!
  • Install Instructions