• $395.00

RT Pro RZR 570 Replacement Spring Kit

This spring kit gives a substantial improvement in ride quality while improving handling as well at G-out resistance. They've found the perfect combination of spring length to rate ratio and are very happy with the results. This kit is for all four corners of the machine. After a lot of testing, it was determined there is no need for a dual-rate spring setup on the front of a 50" RZR. The rear however has found large improvements by switching to a dual-rate combination. They provide a short spring, a long spring and a delrin spacer for each shock. The secret is in the short springs.



The medium set is a perfect improvement over stock for recreational drivers without very much extra weigh added to the vehicle. The heavy rate is perfect for the aggressive driver, intermediate racer or for a vehicle with some extra weight in accessories or passengers.

  • Note: The 2014+ RZR 570 comes with a different spring and shock package than the other years and requires a custom setup from RT Pro including longer springs and shims for the rear. The additional cost is for the extra hardware.
  • Standard - rate kit works great for 2 people without a ton of extra gear loaded beyond what the average owner takes with them for a day on the trail or dunes.
  • Heavy Duty - kit is recommended when carrying 2 larger people and a lot of gear most often.This kit works amazing on this machine and even better when combined with RT Pro's RZR 570 Lift Kit.
  • Install Instructions 2011-2013
  • Install Instructions 2014+