• $215.00

RT Pro RZR 800 2" Lift Kit

This kit will allow you to back the "clickers" on your shocks down and still have the desired height needed for that additional ground clearance. So you get two things with this kit. A taller ride height PLUS an improved ride! Actual height gains will vary but expect approximately 1.5” rear lift and 2” front. We’ve found our best performance with these machines by setting the fronts 0.5-1” taller. Another improvement they made with this kit is correcting the front sway bar travel. This may not be extremely noticeable to most, but it’s just another way RT Pro takes care of business!

This kit is all bolt-on and the installation can be completed in less than 1.5 hours. There are four holes to be drilled in the rear of the frame for the ultimate in strength but this job is made simple by the very thorough instructions this kit comes with. This kit comes complete with all necessary components, hardware and instructions for complete installation. Kits are powdercoated black. Custom colors are not available. THIS KIT WILL FIT STANDARD 50" RZR. Please select which model you have above when purchasing. Sway bar links will not fit on 2012+ Walker Evans Editions.

  • Install Instructions
  • 2008-2011 - All these years use the gold anodized replacement sway bar links shown in pictures. They are required to run a front sway bar with our kit. This style kit is the only version that can run our QD kit.
  • 2012+ - In 2012 Polaris changed the design of it's front sway bar requiring us to change our design. These kits come with less expensive "spacers" to be installed under the upper bushings of the OEM sway bar. Note: A very small percentage of 2012 Canadian and Mexico built RZR's are having some hole alignment issues with our rear lift brackets. This is a minor issue and VERY rare. However, we have addressed this in our instructions and have a alternative solution for the customers who may not have the means to install on these machines. Please note this is ONLY a potential issue for 2012+ RZR's and is EXTREMELY RARE and MINOR.


  • RZR 08-11' WITH Front Sway Bars - Order this kit if you have a RZR w/in these years and want to utilize the front sway bar.
  • RZR 2011 Walker Evans Edition WITH Front Sway Bars - This kit uses custom length sway bar links for the front sway bar to clear the reservoirs of the Walker Evans Shocks. (Note: ONLY for 2011) If you have a 2012 or newer WE Edition you can not use your front sway bars with this kit and you need to order the last option "RZR All Years W/O Sway Bar Links".
  • RZR 2012+ WITH Front Sway Bars - Order this kit if you have a 2012+ 50" Standard RZR and want to retain the use of the front sway bar.
  • RZR All Years WITHOUT Sway Bar Links - This kit will work on all model 50" RZR's from 2008 and up . This kit is the same as the other standard kits except it doesn't include any sway bar links or spacers. This option is for all 50" RZR owners who do not want to run their front sway bars. This is also the kit you'll need for a 2014+ RZR 800 XC.