• $465.00

RT Pro RZR XP 900 Nerf Bar / Tree Kickers

The RT Pro RZR XP 900 Rigid Mount Nerf Bars bolt to the base of your chassis AND to the upper points of the rear chassis! These bars are designed to strengthen the inherently weak part of the factory chassis and add some serious side impact protection as well as drastically reduce friction when involved in a nerf situation during racing or simply shooting through narrow trails in the woods. Our racers have put these bars to the test and have proven them to withstand the challenge of extreme duty. Whether you're racing with tough competition or trying to twist around that tree in the woods, the RT Pro RZR XP Nerf Bars are up to the test.

  • These Nerf Bars allow for ALL opening doors to clear the structure of our product. No modification needed to run your opening doors from your favorite mfg.
  • The RT Pro RZR XP 900 Nerf Bars come with mounting brackets we use with our B-Pillar Reinforcement Kit as well as our Rear Chassis Strut Kit so all products are compatible and able to be combined for the ultimate in strength.
  • The kit includes the pair of Nerf Bars, rear upper mounting brackets and all the needed hardware and instructions for installation.
  • Some drilling is required to mount the lower mounting points but it's easy. No other plastic cutting or chassis modifications necessary.
  • Installation is about 1-2 hours.
  • Install Instructions