• $545.00

RT Pro RZR XP 1000 Winch Mount MX Front Bumper

  • NOTE - We Prefer to sell this with the Rigid Mount as a standard & not as an option for you to get the strongest setup possible. Message us if you wish not to have the Rigid Mount & can send an invoice to your email with the price -$150.

Rigid Mount - When you want the MAXIMUM strength from your front bumper for pushing or pulling you want this. This includes the Tab Bar and also requires some trimming of the removable grill insert for installation. With this upgrade and proper installation we rate the bumper for a 5000 lb. winch. All Rigid Mount bars come powdercoated black.

This RZR XP 1000 Winch Mount MX Bumper is the easily the strongest bumper around. When you look at the design and construction you’ll see there is no other bumper that compares to its modularity and complex, yet simple design. The bumper ships in two main pieces, the lower section which is all laser cut sheet metal and serves as a skid plate, and a tubular upper section. This makes for the best approach angle, best strength to weight ratio and extremely aggressive looks. The skid plate base rigidly ties in to the bottom of the chassis in several places and the upper section bolts to the base. The upper section can also be tied structurally in to the main chassis increasing radiator safety with our optional proprietary Rigid Mount System assuring a ride home in the event of a crash.

For 2015, RT Pro changed the original design of this bumper and made it capable of mounting a standard size winch at the top of the sheet metal base. The bumper will mount any narrow or wide spool winch using the standard 3" x 4.88" or 3" x 6.60" bolt pattern. The depth of the bumper was increased by 1.5" to accommodate the winch which also improved the approach angle of the bumper to be even better than the industry leading design we started with. 

Additionally, The RT Pro Rigid Front bumper works with any winch mounted above the front differential in the standard location. It allows for a fairlead to be mounted to the skid base and gives proper alignment for cable movement. 

The RT Pro RZR XP 1000 Winch Mount Baja Front Bumper fits all model XP1K’s including Highlifter Edition and the 4 seat models. It comes powdercoated black with instructions and all the necessary hardware for installation. All inserts come standard black for all bumper orders. *Note - All rigid arms and some mounting hardware comes in black.

NOTE: This bumper also fits all 2015+ 900 RZR models!

  • Strongest design in the world
  • Mounts winch up high and out front for easy access
  • Strengthens chassis.
  • Best approach angle.
  • Only adds 5.5” to the overall length of the RZR.
  • Removable / replaceable “Bash” Plate.
  • Works with winch in standard location and incorporates fairlead mount
  • Modular Design allows for adaptive configurations without buying a whole new bumper.
  • 100% BOLT-ON kit. No cutting, bending, drilling, welding required.
  • Fits all models including XP4 1000
  • 100% MADE IN U.S.A.!
  • Install Instructions


Fairlead Mount Plate - This bracket is designed to mount a wide spool fairlead in front of your winch. Hole spacing is 5.98". All Fairlead Plates come powdercoated black.

Light Mount Tabs - Mount a 10" LED light bar to the optional Tab Bar with these simple tabs. These tabs are designed to work with the Motoalliance Sirius 10" light bars but may work for others. Tabs come powdercoated black.