• $585.00

RT Pro RZR XP 900 Walker Evans Replacement Spring Kit

This kit is a complete set of dual rate springs for the front and rear which are 2.5” I.D. front and 3.0" I.D. rear. This makes this kit universal to all aftermarket 2.0" front / 2.5" rear or equivalent shocks so if you ever decide to upgrade to aftermarket shocks you don’t have to buy shocks with springs. You can take your RT Pro springs with you! Good thing too because this spring kit is constantly being proven to be a better setup than even the aftermarket shock companies can provide with their shocks.

This kit includes adapter rings for the front shocks which convert the OEM upper and lower spring retainers from a 3.0” ID set up to the 2.5” springs that come in this kit. The rear springs do not require adapters. The kit also includes RT Pro’s CNC machined Delrin spring spacers. These are designed to slide up and down the body of the shock straight and true for a long time due to their precision design and high quality American material.

Medium -This rate is perfect for all dune and trail use. We've found this option works for almost everyone. The ride height should be about the same as stock and the ride quality when driving slow is very similar but a little firmer. The bottoming and bucking is greatly reduced and the handling is vastly improved. This rate will also support some extra cargo and accessories.

Heavy - This rate is only needed for machines carrying LOTS of extra weight. These are meant for desert race cars and very loaded down machines with full size passengers all the time or a bunch of extra accessories, gear, spare tire, gas cans, etc. This kit is designed to maintain ride height with a full load. It may sit a little taller without a large load but the ride will be firm.

  • Note: The rear spring protectors can be retained with this kit.
  • This kit is 100% MADE IN THE U.S.A. and we at RT are VERY proud of this!
  • This kit fits all year RZR XP 900 Walker Evans Edition 2 seat models. 
  • *NOTE* - This kit does not fit the 2015 XP 900 S.
  • Kit includes (8) springs, (4) adapter rings and (2) front spring spacers.
  • *NOTE* - OEM rear spacers are re-used.
  • All springs come with silver powdercoat.
  • Install Instructions